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Following the first dental mission two years ago the Newport Beach Sunrise Club and Ayuda International made a commitment to come again this year. 

Ayuda commenced in 1967 to underserved people in Latin America and now they have a worldwide reach. 
We welcome the Board President-CEO Steve Bender, Deputy Director Travis Hunt (who was made a Paul Harris Fellow at the Awards Night), Dr Byrone Done and Dr Harris Done, Founding Directors and Dr Gerald Mc Clellan. Thank you for a wonderful effort.

The 40 plus management team, dental students and various volunteer staff took over the top floor of the Patong Hospital and established 15 dental stations using all their own portable equipment. This was a huge logistical task in itself.


 The President of Rotary Mr Andy Becker, the Mayor of the Patong Municipal Council Ms Chalermluck Kebsab, Director of Ban Sainamyen Municipality School Mr Suthas Vorasi  and Acting Director Patong Municipal Kindergarten  Ms Sarinthip Watcharit signed an MOU which transferred the ownership of 9 Reverse Osmosis Water Vending machines to the Patong Council.
 The MOU obliges the Patong Council to regularly check the machines and register in the maintenance book as well as accepting responsibility to repair and fix any machine beyond the service agreement.
This project was funded at a cost of 1,185,840 Baht and funded through a global grant funded by RI, districts 2500 and 3330 and the Nakashibetso and Kushiro RC as well as our own RCoPB
 Congratulations to Past President Richard for an outstanding year of Community Service projects.
Water and Sanitation:  The Number One Community Service Project area in 2016-17
 In the first recorded year of hours spent on projects the number of recorded days of service was 177 days or 1,416 Hours.
 The commitment to  Water and Sanitation including the  reverse Osmosis Water systems to 6 schools  and the distribution of 400 water filters was 52 days, Literacy Projects which included Banya Literacy Centre and the Kalim Reading project was 48 days and New Generation projects which includes Youth Initiatives and Scholarships was 33 days  and Health and Wealth Being 22 days. Not separately identified was coastal sustainability which has been part of th environment days and the support given to students undertaking study at PSU in the environment courses. 
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