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Rawai Municipality ran a training event on Monday (June 10) to educate people about the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike as statistics show that only 18% of Phuket motorcyclists wear a helmet at all times, compared with the national average of 56%.

Rawai Mayor Aroon Solos presided over the event, held at Muang Phuket School just south of Chalong Circle in Rawai, which was the result of a joint effort by Rawai Municipality and three Rotary Clubs in Phuket: the Rotary Club of Andaman, the Rotary Club of Phuket and the Rotary Club of Patong Beach.

The Rotary Club Day on May 18th in Karon at our member Jaspal's Karon Sea & Sands hotel was a great success! Combing club business with fellowship turned out to be productive and entertaining. Starting with a 2 hour teambuilding we learned what a team cooperating well can achieve in a short while. Fantastic how fast we got a small bamboo instrument band together playing Jingle Bells.

This is the springtime event for all club officers, all club board members, district teams and any interested Rotarian to learn more about our wonderful organization.  It is the official District Training session when planning and preparation occur for the new Rotary year with new Rotary leaders from across the District. This year the DTA was held in Trang and 4 of our club members, President Karen Eidsvik, PP Sam Fauma & PP David Arell who were acting as district trainers and President Nominee Dr Johan Storck represented the Rotary Club of Patong Beach. To see the photo album please follow this link.
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