President's Message
Joining Rotary has changed my life and giving me more opportunities to devote time towards meaningful and worthy causes for the community.
Before I joined the Rotary Club of Patong Beach, a good friend of mine had commented that doing good does not need one to be involved in groupie setups and there are other ways that one can quietly contribute back to society. I had reflected on this point with another comment that joining Rotary is for camaraderie and fellowship. Whilst each of us could be having different reasons for being a part of this Rotary family, I feel that what makes us specials is our shared values of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership. The bond we forged from these shared values generates a positive multiplier effect all that we do.
Many of our discussions at district events and meetings, center on ways to get members more involved and engaged in Rotary. There are concerns with weak meeting attendance and how clubs need to increase membership and improve engagement. Our Rotary club which just falls below 20 active members is one of these clubs in our district which needs to work hard on attracting more active members to support our club life and our service to the community.
Placed in the leadership position this year, I will strive to improve attendance, involve all members to enjoy Rotary activities, increase membership, strengthen our Rotary image and create a positive change in communities. Our unique strength arises from the special relationship that we have built through our regular meetings, involvement in projects and participation in district events. Our authenticity shines through such interactions and trust in each other enables us to achieve great things together as a team!
I’m privileged to have a board of experienced Past Presidents and enthusiastic Rotarians who are eager to serve. I look forward to another exciting and fun year ahead with all of you. Together we shall connect the world and engage in meaningful projects that will fill this world with light.
Yours in Rotary
Jonathan Russell