President's Message
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
The new Rotary Year of 2017/18 started with a brilliant Installation Night at the magnificent Skye Lake Club in Laguna. A perfect start!
We had a great turnout of Members & Family, Friends of Rotary, several potential new Members plus Representatives from various other Charity Organizations such as Lions, PIWC, BYLC, etc. just to name a few.
We're also blessed with the attendance from the President of our Sister Club Royal Hua Hin as well as the Charter President of our supporting Club Shouson Hill, Hong Kong.
Obviously I am very proud & honored to lead our Club into this year's motto -
So how are we making a difference then?
In 2017/18, we will  continue to answer the question "What is Rotary" and how we as Members can make a difference to the less fortunate and marginalized people.
In the words of our DG, Rotary – Making a Difference – the theme for RY2017/18 and show our commitment towards humanity. Promote the good works of Rotary through effective public outreach. To echo  the  RI  President  Ian H.S. Risley’s message  to  all Rotarians, all our members ought to participate in any activity relevant to our club, vocation, community and our world.
Rotary is ‘Making a Difference’.
We'll surely continue our good local work with the Young, the Old, provide clean Water & Sanitation, help with road safety thru Helmets for Kids, Scholarships from Elementary to PHD (Environmental & Sustainability) and many more worthwhile projects.
I believe each of us chooses to serve, we do it because we want to and that's why we are Rotarians! Service above self!
So please join me in making this year another successful & memorable one for all of us in Phuket!
Yours in Rotary
Andy Becker
President 2017/18
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