As a prospective member you are encouraged to attend several meetings as guests of a current member prior to seeking to join. This allows you to get to know the club and ensure there is alignment with your goals and the club’s expectations of membership.  Our experience has proven that business networking comes along with volunteering and establishing relationships over time with other members of our Club.


New members must be proposed by existing members.


The Club places great importance on achieving meaningful charitable goals through fellowship and collaboration. Service Above Self is the motto for Rotary internationally and for our Club.  

Membership Responsibilities

  1. Meeting attendance of at least 40%. Meetings are every Friday 12:00-14:00. Attendance also includes service projects, committee work and attendance at other Rotary clubs. When documented these are included by the office in member’s individual attendance record.
  2. Annual dues are THB 9,000 for the 2018/19 year and must be paid within 60 days of annual demand but by June 30th latest. New members also pay an initiation fee of THB 10,000. Lunch costs are THB 350 if you have registered online (mandatory) and THB who attend without prior registration. Participation in events and charitable giving through Rotary is also expected of members. 
  3. Regular charitable giving to either or both The Rotary Foundation and the Rotary Club of Patong Beach is expected. They both financially support our international and local projects respectively, as well as supporting good works that bring great benefit through Rotarians everywhere. All giving’s are used for charitable project and not for operational club expenses.
  4. Service projects expectations:
    1. volunteer commitment and/or sign up other volunteers for our weekly meetings, our primary fundraising event,  etc.
    2. volunteer commitment for at least one of our other service projects.
  5. Committee work expectations - Members are expected to join and be full participants in at least one of the club’s service, fund-raising or organizational committees.  Application should be made to the committee chair listed on the club website. Committee membership enables members to develop close friendships while working alongside fellow members, to achieve good outcomes for the club and for humanity, and to have fun along the way. Meeting attendance will be documented by the committee chair.

After you decide that this is the right club for you, you submit your Application for Membership. It must include one current club members as proposers. An interview with a member of the Membership Committee and an orientation event will follow. If membership is recommended, your name will be published for two weeks in the member newsletter by way of notice. Assuming there are no objections, your application will be approved by the Board. The member application process may take 2-3 months.