The Rotary Club Day on May 18th in Karon at our member Jaspal's Karon Sea & Sands hotel was a great success! Combing club business with fellowship turned out to be productive and entertaining. Starting with a 2 hour teambuilding we learned what a team cooperating well can achieve in a short while. Fantastic how fast we got a small bamboo instrument band together playing Jingle Bells.

After teambuilding the serious works started. Pres Karen who was perfectly prepared led us through the whole day and we discussed all kind of topic important for the club but also for each individual member. From why are you a Rotarian to what can each of us do to make this a better and mire vibrant club we covered different aspect of club business.

Most important and surprisingly we came to q few quite good, unanimously approved decisions like going back to weekly meetings independent how many members are registering, the weekly meetings are being organized from A-Z by members rotating that duty and a few more thing.

The fellowship part, always a very important part of every Rotary club, started later afternoon with a beer tasting followed by a fantastic Indian buffet.

A great day with great people at a great location. Let’s do it again next year!

Have a look at the photos here