The Kamala police and the Rotary Club of Patong Beach are about to embark on a campaign to make the area the best in Phuket for low levels casualties because students wear their helmets. 
We are all aware that it is one thing to provide a helmet but the next is ensure students wear them. This campaign with the strong support of the police aims at ensuring teachers at schools wear helmets, students are regularly checked and the  police monitor the entrances to the local school.
The campaign  will also target  local families, workers and the large number of  foreign tourists who have a high level of accidents on  motor bikes and scooters.
It is hoped to sign a Memorandum of Agreement between the Kamala Police Directors of Schools and the Rotary Club of Patong Beach in which all parties commit to ensuring " Kids " wear helmets.
 Our  Service projects  committee visited  both schools in the area  to meet the Directors and activity organisers to secure their support
Several meetings have taken place with Major Chayapou Phumaruemit and his team of officers from the Kamala police Station. They are enthusiastic in making Kamala the No 1 area for helmet safety. They regularly check helmet wearing at the gates of the school.
 Following the visit RCoPB Board committed the club to a  major promotion         "Helmet Safety Campaign” using a  “Standee ” at Fantasea   which allow students to see their faces through the eyes of a policeman wearing a helmet. The Rotary logo will be on the Standee and the twenty  police Safety Vests which we are providing        
This project began In association with the National Road Safety Council and the Promthet Rotary Club. the Rotary Club of Patong Beach committed itself to distribute to school students in the area. Five hundred helmets have been distributed  to students at the Kajornrngsan School Phuket Town and at the Ban Bang Tao School and the Kamala School at a Celebration Day to which P Andy and many Rotarians, Kamala Police, Aussie Pub and some helmets have been held by the police for distribution The helmets are 195 Baht of which the Road Safety Council contributed 100 baht per helmet. The  contribution by the RCoPB was 50400 Baht.
Since then the “Aussie Pub “ Nights and John Fame concert have raised 95,260 Baht to maintain this project PP Richard has been an enthusiast in the raising of money at the Quiz Nights and the holding of the Johnny Fame concert.