Posted by Al Carthew
 The RCoPB Club Assembly on Friday, 9 June was well attended by 16 members, who became 17 when new member Deb Mierczak became the second woman inducted in 2017-18. Twelve are required for a quorum at Club Assemblies.
Larry Amsden led members through changes to the by-laws resulting from a review by himself, PP Sam and PP Denis.
Changes approved were:
  1. Confirmation of the change of date to a Friday at noon-1.30p for weekly meetings.
  2. 40% attendance, down from 60%, is now permitted, including makeups.
  3. A recommendation from the outgoing board not to include a new Article 11 in the revamped by-laws, to introduce corporate membership, was accepted.
  4. All other recommended changes to the by-laws were approved.
A big thank you to Larry, Sam and Denis for undertaking this important task. 
 Richard gave a summary of the year’s activity. This ranged from assisting schools, water projects, new inductions, the kids for helmet project, presentation of scholarships, the filter presentation and much more.
Richard pointed to the fact that the club ended 2017-18 with more members, (34) than when he started as president.
PE Andy then outlined his vision for 2018-19. This is:
  1. Co-ordinate current service projects.
  2. A youth initiative, including mothers and children.
  3. New service projects, including funding.
  4. Supporting older members of the community.
  5. Membership development
  6. Create harmony and fun in the club.   
Committee chairmen gave their reports
OB reported on the filter distribution event on Tuesday, 6 June at Songkhla University and the White Water Gala fund raiser that raised funds for the filters, and Peter Harris expressed his thanks to everyone for the support he had received during the year.
Peter reported that the Patong City Council had offered to help with management of the Club’s water projects.
Hans reported that with membership dues from 34 members and expenses, the club was on track to make a profit of B2000 in 2017-18 in the admin budget. Revenue of B334, 500 and Expenses of B332, 500.
OB said he and David Arell would carry on as fund raisers with a big event planned after February, 2018.
Richard announced that through a contact at the Kamala Tourist Police an organisation in England called Coton and Hopwas social club in Hopwas Village GBP 1000 was raised for the club from a charity BBQ. It was organised by David Edden of the Kamala Tourist Police who belongs to the social club which include retired police officers amongst its members. This was greeted with acclamation. Richard also announced a helmets for kid’s event would be held at Kamala School on 28 June, followed by the monthly quiz at the Aussie Pub. Richard also pointed to the success of the Friday meetings, with attendance always above the required number to avoid paying money to the hotel.
Attending: Peter, Alastair, Jared, Jack, Jaspal, Martin, Larry Amsden, Boon, Hans, Andy Becker, Sam, Jonathan, OB, David and, new, Debra. Also K Bier and Wolfgang (photographer.)