President's Message

The Rotary Opportunity

Over the past 16 years the Rotary Club of Patong Beach (RCoPB) has contributed millions of Baht in time and money to help support this community.  Recent projects include water filtration systems in schools, over 200 annual scholarships, home water filtration systems, road safety for kids with the assistance of the local police authorities, water safety for kids and tremendous support for the Patong Hospital.  The past year our club was focused on finishing some of these major projects and establishing a strategic plan to guide us.  This year we are looking at the new opportunities the plan identified.  Phuket, this magnificent island, has challenges it needs to address.  It also has a very large committed community to help.  We are going to have a conversation with this community, the Government, the schools, the NGOs to identify their priorities.  We also have started a conversation with our fellow organizations that are actively helping.  Our club needs to see where the priorities are, who is already helping, and how we can fill the gaps.  We have a massive global organization backing us.  Major projects are matched Baht for Baht by the Rotary Foundation.  The same organization that has helped decimate polio globally.  
Fortunately we have a membership that is passionate about giving back.  Our club has always been active and will remain to be in projects on the island.  It also is equally enthusiastic about having fun while doing so.  The Rotary organization was established, over 100 years ago, to match business people so they could network, and address the challenges their communities faced.  We are expanding our club and looking for people who want to give back while building friendships locally and around the world.  This isn’t a lunch or supper club (nothing wrong with those!) it does expect members to actively participate in supporting the club and its goals.  If you are looking for something special, please contact us at

Karen Eidsvik-Moody, Canadian, was installed as the first female President of the club on Saturday30th June 2018.  She has spent her adult life in Asia, starting in Bangkok in 1989 she fell in love with Thailand (her daughter’s middle name is Andaman.)  She was one of the founding members of the Thai Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As Regional Director, she managed the growth of over 2000 Subway sandwich restaurants across Asia for most of her career.  Two years ago she moved to Phuket to take over a small hotel in Patong.  She and her English husband, Gary, had 6 children between them; they lost their son Andrew, 22, to the opioid epidemic last year as a result of an overdose of Fenatyl in Vancouver.  Karen’s faith and family is helping her get through this difficult time.  Karen has a love of life, a good sense of humour and a sincere belief she has to give back for all the blessings she’s had.  She’s looking forward to leading the club this year and finding new people who share the clubs’ passion about giving back while having fun.

Karen Eidsvik-Moody

President 2018/19