More than 300 children educated in water safety....and counting

FEED Phuket - The Covid-19 pandemic

FEED PHUKET The COVID – 19 epidemic, created a crises in Phuket, with many businesses, including hotels closed. The effect on the people of Phuket was profound. All business closed, & with masses unemployed, the basics of food & water became much needed assistance requirement.
All nine Rotary clubs of Phuket began a program of FEED Phuket. As may be seen in several photos, queues were long & even with notice when the time for food parcels distribution advised, people waited long before the scheduled time.

Water safety - learn to swim

The "Water Safety – Learn to swim" program has been very successful in providing school children with skills of survival in the water.
3 to 5 children drown each day in Phuket in Klongs & the ocean.
As Phuket is an island, water is not far from the children’s homes & learning to swim is essential.
There is one school in the program, with another being added this Rotary Year.
More than 300 children have participated & received their certificates,& another 300 will learn water safety. 
This is Khun Gob (picture with her baby) our head swim instructor for 2 years. With her help we taught over 200 kids how to swim.
She had a complicated pregnancy and Rotary spend 25,000 THB to save her and the baby.
This year she will head up 2 schools  and 200 new kids will learn how to swim.                                


The scholarship program has been operating for several years.  
It commenced following the Tsunami of December 26th 2004, & has assisted many children over the years with support.   
It is not only for the children of Phuket, but also for the coastal areas affected by the Tsunami near Khao Lak.
One great result was of two sisters, who lost both parents in the Tsunami & received a scholarship. They were very bright children & went on to university
The scholarships provide financial assistance for uniforms & other school requirements. It has been well received by the children & parents. The program is constantly monitored, to ensure the child is still needing assistance as family circumstances change.
In the current Rotary Year there are 66 students receiving a scholarship at a total cost of 300,000 baht 
An annual event is the awarding of the scholarship for the new school year.

Work Camps & COVID 19

Work Camps in Phuket Resulting from COVID 19 many construction workers lost their jobs & were left destitute. They often live in sub-standard housing with galvanized metal sheeting for walls & ceiling.
Whilst the men are normally working, the ladies take care of the children. With no employment, COVID has totally changed their lives & many are starving.
The Rotary Club has provided assistance with both water & some minor accommodation repairs.

School roof replacement

A visit to the school in Kalim to give Scholarships for the new school year also saw the roof in one area had been damaged & needed replacement. 
Whilst at the school the water dispensing unit previously provided by the club also required service.



Special medical device Vachira hospital

A Special unit for Vachira Hospital Phuket The Director of Vachira Hospital accepts the premature baby unit form Community Services chair Dr. Johan Storke.
It is a very much needed unit at the hospital.




Other stories

Dr. Johan checks the mouth of a young girl following an operation to release her tongue from her bottom jaw, she was tongue-tied. 
"I have been working with the school and noticed the girl not playing with the rest & not talking 
I brought this up in a regular meeting and in 20 minutes we collected 20,000 THB - to pay for the operation.
Now the girl talks normal and is socially integrated again."
For more information on our community service please contact Johan: