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Patong Beach
Millennium Resort Patong Phuket
199 Rat-Uthit 200 Pee Road,
Patong, Phuket  83150
Cobalt? Congo- the new Saudi Arabia?
Cobalt is a rare metal needed to stabilise lithium Ion batteries- All your phones, laptops etc use cobalt. As the world now turns to electric vehicles at an unprecendented rate and also to green power generation (to be stored in Batteries) the amount of cobalt needed is going to explode. Today 70% of the worlds cobalt comes from The Democratic republic of Congo.This is often an unethical and potentially unstable supply. And even Congo does not have enough.  Most cobalt mines and processing is are already owned and controlled by China.  If big non-Chinese companies like Apple/Samsung/Volswagen/Toyota cannot get enough Cobalt there is a good chance will become extinct. People are already fighting and dying for cobalt. What will happen over the next 10 years?
Colin Mackay is a Phuket based writer and investor who is also involved with cobalt exploration. Come and hear this fascinating cobalt story that will play out infront of our eyes over the next decade.