Bulletin Issue 564 Volume 13  - No.   5   12th September 2018

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  Rotary Theme for September: Basic Education and Literacy Month

Meeting Information

 ALL YEAR Dinner Out 1st Tuesday of each month 7pm at a restaurant

Meetings Friday 12.00 noon - 2pm @ Millennium Hotel in Jungceylon
Rat-U-Thit Road Patong Beach
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Visitors Welcome
registration mandatory
November – April 2nd 3rd & 4th Friday - May – October 2nd & 4th Friday only
Dress code - Smart-Casual
(long pants and shirts with collars for men, women: smart-casual)
Future Events  
   Friday 28th September   -  Club Assembly  12.00 - 2.00pm
                                      -   Handover Lunch Plates to
                                          Wat SuwankiriwongSchool
                                          (PP Richard Jones) 2.30-3.00pm
  Tuesday 2nd October      - Dinner Out - location to be advised 
 12th September 2018-12.00-2.00 pm  

 Once a year, the District Governor makes an official visit to   each club in the district, between July 1st & December 31st.


   Lt. General Kanit Jamjuntra 


  The purpose of the visit:

  • ƒ To allow the District Governor to communicate directly with all Rotarians in our District.
  • ƒ To listen to the Club Leadership and gain better understanding of their club. To provide helpful and friendly advice to club officers as requested and to answer questions about Rotary International and the District.
  • ƒ To serve as a catalyst to help strengthen the programs of Rotary.
  • ƒ To meet the requirements that Rotary International sets for serving in the office of District Governor.
 Dear Fellow Members,
 Please come and join us going to Hong Kong on October 12 celebrating   the Oktoberfest with our sister Club Shouson Hill, Hong Kong.  
 I am happy to assist you with Hotel bookings or help with any questions you may   have. Melissa & yours truly would love to enjoy Hong Kong together with you. 
 This will be for sure a fun event and should not be missed. Prosit! 🍻🍻
 PP Andy Becker
    Rotary Club of Patong Beach
      5th September - 2001 
Nils Gran-Olsson 22nd 
      Arnaud Verstraete 24th         
         Friday 31st  August  
 31-08 2018
 12:21 lunch was called by SA Gary
 12:43 Meeting was Opened by Pres. Karen
  Intro of the Guests:
1. Valentine and John from GOMS  
2.Guest Rotarian (Family) Richard Martin from Bolton UK
of Bolton Lever
  1. Guest Rotarian from Shimla club India Gopal Aggarwai
  2. Guest: Steve Amel
  Club Business by P. Karen:
  • Board meeting at 2:00 P.M. after this meeting
  1. Requested feedback on Club Business from Chairpersons:
  1. Treasury/David A. Accounting now fully on Quicken, all sorted and balanced.       (Some check book info. from K Best forthcoming)
  2. Foundation/Sam F. Fees should be paid in November, RCoPB NGO status coming.
  3. Secretary/Walter.  Nothing to report that has not already been conveyed.              See MoM of pending board meeting.
  4. V.P./ Gary.  Dinner Out next week at Squares’ Loft Steak House. Options for non-steak food…all are more than welcome.
  5. Social Projects/Larry A..  Swim program was a vibrant success and is complete EXCEPT we all strongly support doing it again next year. PP Karen requested that Larry transfer his brilliant accounting summaries to Club Runner sheet provided. Larry was toasted again for his excellent program admin. (more information below)
  6. Presidency/Karen.  President Karen repeated that the major thrust of her presidency would be creating more fellowship among members.
  7. Fundraising/OB.  (included is these minutes as a proposal going to the Board for Consideration:) OB has a 3-target approach to Fundraising this year.          Note: OB is emphatic that his fundraising energies and results are in support of local children in need, as a top priority.                                                        a.) There are some specific tools that RCoPB could give to needy Children to improve their lives. (Such as the water filters in the past.) These items will be purchased by money donated to RCoPB by direct solicitation by Fundraising Committee.                                                                                                   b.) Fundraising will be FUN-raising. The types of fun events that we are thinking of are: Wine tasting, boat trips, golf tourney, water park visits, music events etc. Relatively small groups of charitable souls raising 50k to 100k per event. c.) At OBOPEN7 (2Q19), there will be an Elegant Gourmet Dinner Event of around 50 people that will likely raise 500k.  OB will present to the board specific proposals  for their support/edits.  
    Intro of Guest Speakers by SA Gary:
   Topic of Solicitation by GOMS:
Notes from TALK starting with K Val with the segue to John from GOMS:
 John “Stroppy” spoke of some projects that GOMS is running with hopes that RCoPB could join in their charitable efforts. GOMS has identified a need (In Pangna for Siam Rescue Operation) for a device that, when operated in an Ambulance, would generate highly Oxygenated Air which would greatly increase the chances of survival of victims on-the-way to   the hospital with respiratory stress issues (i.e. victims of stroke, heart attack,     drownings, etc.) Getting immediate highly oxygenated air will save lives.               
 The machine costs 25,800Thb and GOMS is 10,000Thb short in their fundraising efforts.
 (As the membership started to reply to how we might be able to find the 10k to help out this good-cause, PP Arnaud made us all proud and simply paid the money to a very thankful Stroppy.) Thanks to Arnaud V for, once again, showing us all that charitable hearts are the basis of Rotary.)
 Other Meeting Discussions:
  1. Swim Program Video: Larry showed all a noteworthy video on the recent Water Safety program. All that were not at the meeting should definitely see this presentation of the obvious success of the cooperative and FUN program with many good-hearted souls involved. See the show and realize that Rotary rocks! Thanks for all involved and heaps of praises to Larry. 94 kids have come from water fearful to water safe with some added confidence and life skills.
“without some broad guidance provided by an assessment of RCOPB service projects, we are likely to be less effective.”
Three criteria of assessment:  notes in blue italics
  1. How wide do we cast our net of the area to be served by our service projects:             Our assigned area is Patong, Kathu, Karon, however, the board can decide on the merits of a service program beyond those borders. The future needs for us to address are dynamic and RCoPB must be able to quickly respond to some emergencies and weigh the value of those responses re our resources in money and charitable volunteers. (Our existing commitments are not being challenged in any way.)  
  2. Who should be canvassed for ideas/answers/intelligence about our service projects:  Project suggestions can come in directly to the board by members without any canvassing. However, to educate RCoPB as to what our community needs, we must go broadly to all those public institutions and those private and NGO institutions that serve the public. All canvassing should be discrete and non-invasive.  
  3. How best do we gather our assessment information: e.g. townhalls, one on one, data survey, e-solicitations etc. This notetaker suggests that gathering data on public needs can be a touchy process. Those surveyed could both be embarrassed by the questioning and could feel an implied commitment that we cannot come through on. 
Note: Pres. Karen took some notes as to what she heard as fruitful from the discussion. Those notes should be consulted as well for additions info.
 The meeting was adjourned with lots of smiles and a few happy hundreds came forthwith.
 Subsequent to the General Meeting, there was a Board Meeting with attendant minutes no doubt.
 Reporter: PP. OB   Photos:  David Arell 
Thank you, ed Denis

 Banya website and cloud funding wearebanya.com

After three years the centre now has 225 students and ten staff. 
 It has been a mighty effort by so many including the Rotary clubs
 The Global Grant, supported by the ten German and French clubs and the 
 RC of Patong Beach, has funded an accounting system, which will ensure that all   the financial aspects of BanYa will be dealt with only by the BanYa system.
 The Global Grant funded the establishment of a BanYa website, which will be used as   part of Cloud Funding 
 All money will be paid to Pay Pal and a receipt will be issued, as the money is paid   and indicate to what cause the money will be used.  
 Pay Pal will provide regular reports on the funds.
 The aim is to ensure there is absolute transparency of all donations 
 Dr.Peter W. Harris 
 Tuesday 4th September 
 Squire's Loft in Patong was the location of a great dinner out.
We were happy to welcome Richard back in the fold as well as several friends from   Karen & Gary's neighbourhood. 
  Roy was pleased to have his daughter Tischa visiting for a while. 
 It was a lovely dinner with a shared starter of chicken skewers, sausage, ribs which fell off the bone and crab balls -- all very good with a spicy BBQ sauce.   Everyone had the steak and baked potatoes, with the steak from blue to burned to a crisp (who can eat that?) Dessert was a lovely take on a brownie with a chocolate mousse topping and ice cream.  A good time was had by all!
 Watch this space for the next dinner out, scheduled for the 2nd of October,
 location to be announced. 
   Reporter: P. Karen   Photos:  Gary 
Thank  you, ed Denis 
P R E S I D E N T ’ S   M E S S A G E
 Dear fellow Rotarians,
 Imagine if we could take a snapshot capturing all of the work Rotary does on a given day.   No one – except Rotarians – would believe that a single organization was capable of accomplishing so much. 
 In that snapshot you would see dedicated volunteers working to eradicate polio, setting up microloans, providing clean water, mentoring youth, and countless other actions.

 We can do all this thanks both to our geographic reach and to the fact that our clubs are made up of people who are engaged in their communities.
As a part of the community that you serve, you know the needs, you have the connections, and you’re able to take immediate action.         
 That’s why every Rotary club’s membership should reflect the diversity of its community.
 We’ve made great strides in this.
In Egypt, Indonesia, and Kenya, Rotary is approaching 50 percent female membership. We’re also expanding the age diversity of our clubs. In each of our communities,young professionals are eager to contribute their talents, give back, and learn from mentors. Let’s share with them what Rotary is all about. The Engaging Younger Professionals Toolkit at Rotary.org has an action plan to help you reach young leaders and Rotary alumni in your area.

 Another resource that can help us better reflect our communities – one that is global like us, is a quarter-million members strong, and already shares our values of service and leadership – is Rotaract. Rotaractors are our partners: Team up with them on projects, ask them to speak at your events, and invite them to join your club. Dedicated Rotaractors worldwide are becoming members of Rotary and even starting new Rotary clubs while still serving as members of Rotaract.

 The world needs Rotary, and Rotary needs strong clubs and engaged members in order to do more good. 
 It is our responsibility – yours and mine – to make sure everyone who shows an interest in joining Rotary gets an invitation. Make use of the Membership Leads tool at Rotary.org, which helps people who are interested in joining Rotary connect with a club that’s right for them. And let’s ensure that every member has a reason to stay.
 By building strong clubs that engage in meaningful projects and have fun along the way,   we provide value to our club members that they cannot find anywhere else.
 Let’s not keep Rotary’s story – the story captured in those snapshots of service –
to ourselves. I challenge you to invite leaders of all ages, men and women, who are looking for a way to give back. By doing so, you will Be the Inspiration in your community and help Rotary continue to do good in the world.
 President, Rotary International