Bulletin Issue 568 Volume 13  - No. 9  16th  November 2018

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  Rotary Theme for November: 

Meeting Information

 ALL YEAR Dinner Out 1st Tuesday of each month 7pm at a restaurant

Meetings Friday 12.00 noon - 2pm @ Millennium Hotel in Jungceylon
Rat-U-Thit Road Patong Beach
November – April 2nd 3rd & 4th Friday - May – October 2nd & 4th Friday only
Dress code - Smart-Casual
(long pants and shirts with collars for men, women: smart-casual)
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Visitors Welcome
registration mandatory
Upcoming Events
Weekly Meeting
Nov 23, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Casual introduction to Rotary
Lafayette Cafe, Kamala
Nov 24, 2018
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Weekly Meeting
Nov 30, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Events - November  
All meetings @ - Millennium Hotel 
  •    16th - Friday         
  •    23rd - Friday             
  •    30th - Friday            
Friday  16th November  2018  
                 Sorry no details available 
Thank You, Rotarians
 Somewhat belatedly, for which I apologize, I’d like express my family’s heartfelt   gratitude and appreciation to all of the members of the Patong Beach Rotary   club for their support – both moral, financial, and practical -  following the   passing of my brother, Larry Amsden.
 You made a very difficult situation much less so for us, and we couldn’t have   done it without you. Thank you very much for that.
 It was obvious that Larry had true friends in his fellow Rotarians.
      Charles Amsden  - Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima
               Denis Carpenter  16th ... Woo Hoo               
 An email to Rotary Club of Patong Beach 
 A Request to Volunteer   
 Hi Walter Wyler,
 My name is Maddison Davis-jones I’m a 19 year old that has been backpacking for 3 months   now !
 One of my stops was Patong and I loved it! I am planning on coming back in December for   about a month. I was looking at volunteering and I came across this website.
 I was wondering if you offer any opportunities where I would be able to get involved with the   community ! Let me know ! All the best, Maddison
         Friday 26th October 
 Attendees : 17
 P. Karen, PP Walter, PP Sam, PP David PP Andy - 
 Rotarians - Dr. Johan, Gary, Jaspal, Sergio, Dr. Larry, Nils

  6 visitors from RC Obihrio - Hokkaido Japan  
  Tsugayasu Masamitsu, Ikeda Yuichi, Tobioka Kou, Yosuke Ogana, Minoyu Kudo, Kenta Ikeda
 After a 3 course lunch served on 2 tables followed by opera cake and fruits with coffee / tea   and very good service from the Millenium Resort Jung Ceylon, P. Karen opened the meeting at   exactly 1302 hrs.
Banner exchanged with the RC Obihrio            Hokkaido Japan    
   P.Karen asked the various chairs for updates :   
   Sec Walter : Nothing to report. 
  • Dinner out Tuesday the 6th of Nov at the Burasari Resort, Patong ;
  • Around 10 members including Pascal will be off next week for the RC of Samui installation night.
 Membership Gary : Prospective members in the pipeline. 
 Foundation Sam : New rules for foundation setup has delayed the process but still   ongoing and  hopefully we will be able to set up the RCoPB Foundation soon.
 P. Karen then asked PP Sam to come up and speak about World Polio Day.
 PP Sam did a QnA mode where members were tested on their knowledge of Polio and the RI   efforts to combat it :
   Some facts : 
 RI started involvement in 1985
  • Over 1,700,000,000 USD raised and committed over the years to eradicate Polio
  • Still 3 countries on the red list : Afghanistan ; Pakistan ; Nigeria.
 Thailand declared Polio free 3 yrs ago, but until then all RC clubs in Phuket were very actively involved in   vaccination donations and hands on inoculation. 
 All RCoPB are enjoined to actively donate 100 USD for this effort. EREY
  We then watched a video highlighting the efforts of WHO and RI.
Giving and Grants
November, 2018 Take action to create positive change locally and globally
Saving babies’ lives
Rotarians in California and Ethiopia worked together to save babies’ lives with the help of a global grant-funded vocational training team. The project was designed to address a critical shortage of hospital staff who are trained in certain lifesaving skills. Now dozens of health care providers teach classes for midwives, nurses , and medical students on resuscitation techniques and other care for newborns.
Club president establishes $14.7 million endowed fund

Dakoju Ravishankar has established the Paola Dakoju Ravishankar Endowed Fund for Global Grants through his extraordinary gift of about $14.7 million to The Rotary Foundation. Ravishankar, president of the Rotary Club of Bangalore Orchards, Karnataka, India, says, “I am delighted to make a meaningful contribution of my life’s earnings toward the six areas of focus.” The gift will support high-impact, sustainable projects for generations. It also marks a significant contribution to The Rotary Foundation’s goal of building its Endowment to $2.025 billion by 2025.

Support The Rotary Foundation in November

In November, we celebrate Rotary Foundation Month and the contributions our members make to their communities and around the world. And 27 November is Giving Tuesday, a global online movement for charities and individuals to celebrate and encourage giving. This year, make The Rotary Foundation your charity of choice. Donations to the Foundation help supply vaccines to protect children from polio, train peacebuilders in conflict resolution, and build sustainable communities for a better future. You can make a difference.

Extra funds available for district grants

To make it easier for districts to spend their District Designated Funds, The Rotary Foundation Trustees raised the amount available for 2019-20 and 2020-21 district grants. Districts may use up to 20 percent of their uncommitted funds from past years (their “rollover DDF”) as calculated on 1 July 2018. The money will be split evenly between 2019-20 and 2020-21 district grants. Districts may apply for their 2019-20 grant starting on 1 January, and the maximum grant amount listed in the Grant Center will include the extra funds.

Using district grant funds to attend project fairs

District grant funding can now be used to pay for members’ travel to and participation in Rotary project fairs. Project fairs are regional events that Rotary districts host to encourage international friendship and collaboration. They give Rotary clubs a chance to showcase their service efforts to potential partners, and give international visitors the chance to find a project that meets their club’s goals. They’re also the perfect way for visitors to learn about the local community and build relationships with their international hosts. 

Working with Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is helping Rotary clubs carry out projects that provide housing and sanitation to those in need. This partnership particularly benefits the Foundation’s low-cost shelter pilot program. If your club or district wants to work with Habitat for Humanity to construct low-cost shelters, see these streamlined guidelines


Rotary’s partners in service
Working with other organizations helps us make a bigger impact by pooling our expertise, resources, and new ideas. Your community has many potential partners, including organizations that already have relationships with Rotary. Partners in service work with clubs and districts on existing programs or provide technical support and resources to Rotarian-led projects. 
Updated authorizations in the Grant Center
Are you wondering if your global grant application is moving forward? District officers and club presidents who took office in July can check My Actions in the Grant Center to see whether any application authorizations weren’t completed in the previous Rotary year.
Explore the Rotary Peace Academy

Learn how to build and sustain peace through a free, self-paced training course offered by Rotary and the Institute for Economics and Peace. Find an introduction to issues in peace and conflict, and learn concrete ways to engage in Rotary’s work in peace and conflict resolution — at home, at your club, and in your community. Help address one of humanity’s greatest challenges: creating a peaceful world. 

 Before P. Karen gonged the end of the meeting, SAA Gary passed around the Happy Hundred   basket where the Japanese delegates generously donated more than a few hundreds along   with present members putting in their red notes.
 PP Walter led the toast in wishing P. Karen a very happy birthday and the meeting ended   around 1345 hrs.
 Sam, Nils, David, Johan and Larry D have kicked off the EREY putting in their contributions. 
 Also Sam will update the club at meetings with the goal that every member puts in his/her donation   by Christmas. 
 David will share bank account details.
  Reporter: Jaspal Singh   Photos:  Gary Eidsvik Moody 
Thank you ed Denis
  Friday 2nd November 
Charter Night of Rotary Club of Koh Samui - Phangan
    A pictorial review 
                                                                                    Cheers Stewart 
Members of Rotary Club of Koh Samui - Phangan
Photos:  Gary Eidsvik -Moody 
Thank you ed Denis
 Tuesday 6th November 
 This month dinner-out brought us to the Kantok restaurant at the Burasari hotel in Patong     Beach.
 Members: Andy, Dr. Johan, Jonathon, Larry Demco, Nils, Richard, Roy, Sam, Walter.   
 Visiting Rotarians: Ian Baker & partner - RC Winnipeg Canada, Cassandra Wilkinson & partner   Darren -  RC Kamloops British Columbia Canada, regular Pascal de Corte RC Zottegem Belgium
 Six Members partners & visitors. 
 Thomas Polt, an Austrian chef recently moved from Koh Samui where he hosted fellowship   dinners for the RC of Samui, was preparing us a delicious meal with his team. 2 Rotarian,   both from Canada, visited us   during their holiday stay in Phuket. Besides a good meal we   had  a great fellowship and a good time among   our Rotary family and friends.
 PP Walter Wyler.
 Thank you PP Walter & Photos by Gary - ed Denis