Posted by Dr Peter Harris on Nov 09, 2017
The new strategic plan is providing us with some dynamic discussion about the future of our club for the next few years and how we are best organised and ensure the full engagement of all our members.   I am almost shivering with excitement.
This is a major repositioning as we drive hard the motto "Service above Self" in a modern, relevant and aspirational way as we aim to lift our various communities of interests to a high level of personal achievement and recognition. I am proposing that all our various efforts in the area of young people be brought together in one overall co - ordinated plan which is developed and shared by our members,
 Since, I have been chair of the Service Projects and Scholarships committee I can sense they overlap not only with each other but also with RYLA and our supportive work at the Kajonkiet Interact Club (some 40 members).
During this time our committee of Debra, Jimmie and I assisted by various members from time to time have visited all the scholarship holders (some 135), attended the Patong schools with 3,500 members, supported BanYa with 172 students as well as lectured at the PSU Department of the Environment (some 200 students) and RYLA, organised by Best has provided training to 6 to 8 young people each year
The Scholarship program commenced after the Tsunami has provided assistance to 300 of the most disadvantaged members of the Andaman community. The scholarship was based on income and attendance (worthy in itself).rather than academic ability.  In the past, organised by PP’s Brad and Larry, the club has supported Youth Linc which is an American Youth Service program
I would like the club to consider establishing local community services corp led by our Honorary member or someone similar. This is an entrepreneurial youth initiative and helps solve the Thai language issue. The task is to build a level of support from so many Thai people with whom we are involved. We already have 15 local Thai leaders as well as many students.

“How do I sponsor a Rotary Community Corps?

By sponsoring a Rotary Community Corps, you’re giving more people a chance to take action to solve your community’s problems. Fill out an organization form and email it to Rotary International.”
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These are very sizeable commitments.
I am suggesting that we have a group of our members as part of our strategy to look at an overall plan which emphasises equality, access, leadership and a sense of entrepreneurship. The project would be driven to ensure that the most disadvantaged groups ( including young girls) continue at school  and lift themselves beyond basic literacy and attend primary and secondary education  continue into training, technical and university education.  At each point we can have programs to support and encourage students to keep going. This may include English language support (we are an English language club), career mentoring (we have many experienced business people in the club), leadership training such as RYLA and even a Interact and Rotaract Club,
 None of this is too difficult if we believe in it and we can do it.
Rather being the recipient of others  good will we become determined that we can encourage a Youth Linc of our own and support students in international exchanges and perhaps provide training programs of our current or future Thai members in Rotary Clubs around the world and establish a locally based service corp. Many of our donors are ready to help.
What an exciting prospect for the future. Contributing to the building of this nation through leadership, education and training  
Rotarian Dr Peter Harris