Posted by Dr. Peter Harris on Oct 22, 2017
 BanYa has captured the imagination of many overseas Rotarians . Two  local Rotarians Pat and Jim Domville became a aware of this project and convinced the Rotary Club of Patong Beach to become involved.
Phuket is very dependent on Myanmar workers particularly in construction. They live in squalid camps and children have no access to Thai education unless they have passed Thai tests in the key curriculum areas.
The children were  left in the camp and become open to social disorder including theft and potential  prostitution. Three years ago The Good Shepherd Order working with a group of volunteers began a program of providing food, education, security and some basic education (Maslow’s Hierarchies level1)This has shown a huge change over this time . The response shows what a community can do when it works together.
 Over the last three years this project has captured the imagination of many overseas Rotarians .In the last two years the center moved to a local small hotel and catered for 120 students supported by many volunteers. The project has moved again and into a new and exciting phase as it commences in a new rented building with 172 students. The new building of 8 classrooms  a covered area,kitchen,toilets and a drinking water system. This is a great centre for learning.
 The RCoPB contribution is possible because of the Global Grant (raising $56,000 US initiated by German/French  Rotary Clubs) four districts , the support for a resource center by The Hokkaido Clubs (Japan),our own district 3330  and clean drinking water and libray resources  provided by the Tokushima South Club and other generous donors Peter Sunley of RC Viena-Schonbrunn,  Newport Beach Sunrise Club ( Steve Bender) and the indefatigable Hedy Wattrose  What a great international effort. 
This was a contribution to the hard working local team of community members who created the centre working with the determined Sister Euphrasia whose life has been committed to enhancing opportunities for "Women and Girls". The British International School have been a great support with Working Bees. and providing curriculum days at their school  
The last phase of the Rotary project includes Teacher training in association with a local Rajahbat  University, setting up a governance mode, accounting system l and to ensure its long term financial  sustainability. The focus is on literacy in Thai, Burmese and English so children can enter mainstream schools in Thailand and Myanmar.
The project has given support to 8 teachers (6 female, 2 male)and provides education to 38 Kindergarten (age 3-5) 38, year 1 58, year 2 25, year 3 23, year 4 21 year 5 7    50% of each gender
Recent  initiatives have been the establishment of a library and internet Centre, upgrading  the grounds, constructing  an overhead verandah, introducing  a clean drinking water system and establishing  a sanitation system
The key to success is the teachers and the focus is on training of Myanmar (Burmese) teachers in the Burmese curriculum and teacher training in teaching methodology
This is a project that is successful because it teams with others and we have offered teaching expertise ( the fantastic Rtn Debra) and  various enriching activities like Xmas lunch and Dr Johan's many barbecues. All facilitated in Thai by our energetic Honorary  Member Songkran Kongmuang  (Jimmie).
The Centre will promote clean drinking water and a “Wash your Hand” as it seeks to improve health and well-being.
This is  a wonderful project.  In a way this is a beginning as I hope all members of our Rotary Club can contribute to various activities in the future.