Our Global Grant for the BanYa Learning Center is on its final approach. Ensuring the project is sustainable a thorough teacher's training program was set up by Dr Siriwan Kief and the first workshop for the teachers just took place.
Professional Development Program is designed to support teacher change; include a focused, multiday session for teachers that takes place outside of the teacher’s classroom or school; and include follow-up opportunities over the school year. These experiences are provided by Phuket Rajabhat University (PKRU). The program uses Mentoring and Coaching Models as framework for 1 year to encourage 10 Burmese teachers developing and trying new strategies including and to determine what does and does not work by critically evaluating their own beliefs about teaching and learning. Peer coaching is built upon trusting relationships that develop between teachers. It is based on mutually working together to improve teaching skills in order to improve student learning


Professional Development Framework


This professional development program is a 1-year school-based supporting. The program is focused on 4 actions as following:

1)  Developing Active Pedagogies;
2)  Sharing the Inclusive Approach to Teaching and Learning;
3)  Learning focus Classroom Practice
4)  Working as a team
BanYa Coaching Professional Development Program

          (BanYa Coaching-PD) consists of four steps:

Step 1: Pre-conference

Step 2: Action Workshops: Phuket Rajabhat University Laboratory School (PKRU Satit School)

Step 3: Classroom Practice: BanYa learning center and PKRU Satit School

Step 4: Reflective Meeting


On September 21, 2018 was the first formal meeting among PKRU team and Burmese teachers. The meeting was conducted as pre-conference. During the pre-conference, teachers met and discussed the purposes and detail of this program and the elements that the teacher being observed wants to focus on. PKRU team and BanYa Burmese teachers discussed the specific lesson planned, its context, and other relevant factors that influence student outcomes.  BanYa Burmese teachers expressed what they would like the PKRU team help during collaboratively program on teaching medias and teaching strategies which support them to conduct student-centered classroom.


PKRU Team and Satit school (PKRU laboratory school) have worked together to prepare action workshop on October, 2018. Then we implemented this workshop during October 20-21, 2018 with 7 subjects; Kindergarten, Science, Mathematics, Thai Language, Foreign Language, Computer, Astronomy, and Earth Science.


The workshop started with sharing a variety of active teaching and learning strategies. It asked BanYa Burmese teachers to examine what they currently do in their classroom through reflective exercises and then provides, through case studies which they discussed from the example of PKRU Laboratory School, a range of interactive strategies such as brainstorming, working in pairs and group, to make their teaching more active and engaging for students. The workshop was mainly focusing on how teachers can manage and organize their classrooms so that it is more interesting, stimulating and supports student’s learning and builds their self-esteem.


Developing professional knowledge and skills are building for these 8 Burmese teachers and 3 Thai teachers during action workshop. This section also encouraged the teachers were aware how important it is for teachers to be open to new ideas and ways of working, and to always strive to improve their understanding of teaching and learning towards ensuring that more children are actively engaged in learning and gain in self-confidence. Through the case studies and activities teachers were introduced to ways to reflect on their practice such as, sharing ideas, resources and planning with colleagues and PKRU team to try out new ideas.


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