Posted by Dr. Peter Harris on Oct 19, 2017
 Student action  from 150  students of the schools  who have received  scholarships or water systems led by Honorary Member Jimmie and assisted by other Rotarians worked  together with the Prince of Songkla University Department of Environment and participated in a workshop which related to water quality and the Klong
It was two years ago that our Rotary club on Environment Day  June 9th 2015 made a statement which supported  the policy of an ISO standard being used to manage and monitor the beaches, establish a Patong Green Club , be involved in a street cleanliness strategy and monitor the discharge from the Klong into the Patong beach. Our club hosted the meeting at Holiday Inn  but long term action has been picked up by the Hotel's Association Our effort has been encouraging students to be involved and  giving regular talks to students at the PSU
Student action  is our club focus on coastal sustainability.
 At a recent meeting Dr Vipawee from the Prince of Songkla University challenged our club to consider the issue of Toxins in the Klong and the impact it  has on  personal health and well-being and the tourist economy. This  engaged our members  and is of high interest. 
Phuket has a total of about 16.63 square kilometers of coral reef cover. Coral reef areas close to the open sea are in good condition. However, on the west side from north of Karon up to Nai Yang Beach the coral is in decay, although there are some encouraging signs of restoration undertaken by local business.
In east Phuket, where the sea grass bed and mangroves grow, there is still capacity to grow. The cleaning of sewage to a tertiary level so it can be used as graywater for irrigation is a worthy step if taken up by our resorts.
The rapid development of inshore and offshore activities over recent years have increased the damage to the coral reef areas. Therefore, careful monitoring using scientific indicators such as coral diversity, coral coverage, bleaching, sedimentation, salinity and coral recruitment helps us ensure that the coral is protected. This is a high priority so Phuket can be proud of its pristine beaches which are our biggest asset for international tourism.
There  is more we are doing and can do. Our Rotarians are actively involved in Green Clubs  and OB introduced artificial coral in the sea at Nai Yang  which has now grown significantly at the front of his new hotel
.The  scholarship program is supporting post graduate research into environment management and more recently we have awarded 10 scholarships to undergraduates undertaking a degree in environment management.