Posted by Dr. Peter Harris
Following the Tsunami  Rotarians around the world donated to the Scholarship Fund to support the Mercy Centre in Ranong to provide support to the Moken “Sea Gypsies”. They  are fisherman and have little support from government. The Mercy Centre provides accommodation so students can attend the local high school and technical college. Primary students live on the island and each day a teacher and cook visits by boat to provide education  and a meal.  This year the Rotary Club of Patong Beach  is supporting  28 students at the centre at a cost of 204,000 Baht which is used for books, uniform and food.
 The fund is currently funding 118 students from Child Watch Phuket 10; Takapu School 5; Baan Bang Muang School 7; Golden Buddha Beach Andaman Discoveries (Moken) 17; Home and Life 6; Koh Lao (Moken) Ranong 23; Kalim 10 Ban SiamYen Municipal School 20 Individual 7. The emphasis is on encouraging students to continue to technical and university education. 
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