The world is 99 percent polio-free. India is no longer polio-endemic. We are closer than ever to ending the crippling disease for good, yet we are in emergency mode. We don’t have the funding to finish the job. That’s why we need you to use your network of contacts to help stop this disease. Advocacy is not the job of a small group of senior rotary leaders – it’s up to everyone to make sure polio stays on the global agenda. Write to your government officials. Use your social network to spread the word. Provide a link to in your email signature. Host a fundraising dinner to help fill the US$700 million funding gap that holds us back. More tools, such as letter templates and graphics, are available at Together, we will cross the finish line and leave a legacy of a polio-free world.

If you want to learn more about the PolioPlus program of Rotary International please follow this link.