Posted by Dr. Peter Harris on Oct 20, 2017
 A “Ceremony of Celebration and Handover ”   Friday November 17th 10.30 am at Ban SiamYen Municipal School
 Clean Drinking: Water and Sanitation  3,500  students have fresh water daily
  This RCoPB project caters for school within walking distance from Days Inn and lies within the responsibility of the Patong Council Phuket Thailand. The town which was severely affected by the tsunami has grown rapidly to cater for the tourism but the infrastructure has not been able to respond. Water and Waste management is the most important issue. The local river which discharges into the sea is full of toxins. The town supply is of poor quality and drinking water as such has to be purchased in 1 gallon plastic jars. The provision of the pure drinking water system is part of a more comprehensive plan on community health and well being. 
This project recognizes that water and sanitation is fundamental to community health through the provision of safe affordable water for personal and domestic use. There is a local concern that local toxins (including human waste) permeate the local water. The schools with poor sanitation and poor water supply are of high risk from infections and exposure to contaminants. This may well have a prejudicial impact on girls.
 This project now connects with 2 kindergartens, one primary school, two secondary schools and “Happy Home” The total number of students is 3500. The overall project aims to change behaviors of children between 3 to16 in relation to basic provision of water, sanitation and hygiene as the process of hand washing integrated into the daily lives of children it will become part of family life. The water provided will be accessed three times per day (approx. 1 liter) Associated with this is a scheme to provide soap in the toilets and promotion of healthy habits. 
The project has installed 40 soap dispensers and promotional charts and has undertaken a major upgrade of the toilets at the “Temple School” working in association with the Patong Council. The Patong Council has now accepted the ongoing responsibility for the long term management. The council has approved that the water is toxin free and will be promoting this project throughout the region.
 A “Hand Over” Celebration and signing of an MOU by the Mayor of Patong, Directors of Schools and Kindergartens and the RCoPB will take place on November 17th at10.30 AM.