Following the first dental mission two years ago the Newport Beach Sunrise Club and Ayuda International made a commitment to come again this year. 

Ayuda commenced in 1967 to underserved people in Latin America and now they have a worldwide reach. 
We welcome the Board President-CEO Steve Bender, Deputy Director Travis Hunt (who was made a Paul Harris Fellow at the Awards Night), Dr Byrone Done and Dr Harris Done, Founding Directors and Dr Gerald Mc Clellan. Thank you for a wonderful effort.

The 40 plus management team, dental students and various volunteer staff took over the top floor of the Patong Hospital and established 15 dental stations using all their own portable equipment. This was a huge logistical task in itself.


What a great team they were as they screened - checked - cleaned - drill - and extracted teeth, enabling over 200 patients to have a happy smile.


Each person was a volunteer who paid their own way and we thank them for their time and their generosity.


They would make their families and their country proud because of their dedicated service. We hope Patong, in its own unique way, gave them a taste of a different culture and how things operate differently    

This Dental Mission is part of our Rotary Club’s commitment to improving health and
well-being of our most disadvantaged groups, that get little or no government support. 


Patients were bussed in from the various camps and school centres and included BanYa, Happy Home Sunshine Village Home and Life and Phuket Care(Childwatch).


There were many other locals including 10 police.  These students are in centres with which we are involved in water and sanitation including “Wash Your Hands” and

“Clean your Teeth”   

We thank Rtn Debra and Honorary Member Jimmie and various Rotarians who visited and our good friend Vivienne Reiss for their collective efforts in providing education programmes

Steve Bender was the energized entrepreneurial leader who was Past President (2 years) of the Newport Beach Sunrise Club, the collector of amazing awards, including one to include quadriplegic sailors his huge commitment to dental improvement. 


The best award of all was his Energizer Bunny Award    

To you all - Simply thanks.

Dr. Peter Harris

Community Service Chair