Phuket is very dependent on Myanmar workers particularly in construction. They live in squalid camps and children have no access to Thai education unless they have passed Thai tests in the key curriculum areas. Rotary became aware of the conditions when children are left in the camp and become open to social disorder. Three years ago Rotary joined  The Good Shepherd  Order who were working with a group of volunteers  which began a program of providing food, education, security and some basic education.
Two local Rotarians Pat Michel and late Jim Domville became a aware of this project and convinced the Rotary Club of Patong Beach to become involved.
Pat Michel & late Jim Domville
Debra, a Rotary volunteer helps with the trainingOver the last three years this project has captured the imagination of many overseas Rotarians .In the last two years the center moved to a local small hotel and catered for 120 students supported by many volunteers. The project has moved again and into a new and exciting phase as it commences in a new rented building with 180 students. Rotary continued its support This support is possible because of the Global Grant GG1637384(raising $56,000 US initiated by9 German and French Rotary Clubs ), the support for a resource center by The Hokkaido Clubs (Japan) and clean drinking water provided by the Tokushima South Club. There have been many other donors.
Rotary and  the school work together to show many visiting Rotarians the school.The current grant provides support over a 2 year period and includes resources to teacher training,curriculum resources and financial management systems. The British International school have helped clean and offered special days at their school.
There have been many other donors from around the world